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Optimal Performance

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Optimal Performance

In the Optimal Performance DVD, I focus on performance during exercise as well as all phases of life. Face it: you spend most of your day working or busy with your family, at church, and volunteer activities. On top of that, you’re building a business or a career or a family.

It all comes down to energy: having it available when you need it. There are lessons from exercise that can transfer to the other things you do all day long, and that’s what this DVD is all about.

  • I’ll start with energy and how the body makes it; there are three systems and they’re used in different types of activities. If you expect to have enough energy to exercise and do all the other activities in your life, you need to know how to tap into that energy by how you train those systems, what you eat, and what supplements you take.

  • Then, I’ll review the nitric oxide synthase system. It has a tremendous role to play in exercise, but it’s also important in reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. What you do to enhance this system with the right training and nutritional intake will carry over to all areas of your life and your health.

  • We’ll look at the differences between diet alone and diet with exercise, plus cover the foods and supplements that are essential to optimizing performance.

  • You’ll learn about the Ultimate Fat-Burning Routine and how to make it work to create a leaner, healthier body.

  • We think of dragging around excess body weight as negatively affecting our energy levels, and it does. But some people are underweight and still have a lack of energy. Underweight or overweight, I’ll show you how to add muscle effectively through the right exercise program, nutrients, and supplements. It will help you, your clients, your children—anyone who wants to add some muscle or healthy body weight to power through your day.

I guarantee you’ll learn how to train and eat to have the energy to perform better in all areas of your life.

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Weight Loss Series

The Weight Loss Series
Includes Satiety: The Key to Weight Loss,
Weight Loss Supplements: Fact vs. Fiction,
and Optimal Performance

U.S.: $30 Plus $4.99 Shipping
Canada: $30 Plus $8.99 Shipping