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The Optimal Performance Program

Audio 3-CD Set

Optimal Performance Program

In this three-disc set, you’ll learn:

  • How to train your body to use your most abundant source of fuel
  • How to have the energy you need exactly when you need it to perform your best
  • How to get rid of excess body fat once and for all

This revolutionary program is based on established science plus my 30 years of experience working with people of all sizes, ages, and fitness levels. It uses the same training principles that world-class athletes apply to take home the gold, win the trophy, and set those records.

There are no gimmicks. Each part is carefully designed to build on prior effort; you’ll understand how to build a foundation, target your energy levels, and burn the fat you’ve always wanted to lose. Real food. Precise exercise. Lasting results.

I designed this program for high achievers. I don’t care where you begin—I’m only interested in where you want to be. This program will get you there; you’ll finally get the energy and body you need to accomplish your goals.

Disk One: The Basic Program

Optimal performance depends on energy. Energy for all phases of life—work, family, recreation, and volunteer activities. In order to use it, you must have it available when you need it. It seems like we come up short more than we’d like.

No more. You can train your body to tap into the largest source of fuel you have: fat. How? By using the same principles world-class athletes use in training. That’s what The Basic Plan on this CD is all about.

If you’re a goal-driven individual who wants to perform at the highest level or you only want more energy to play with your kids, The Basic Program is the solution. Learn how to eat and train your body to have the energy to perform better in all areas of your life. It’s the first step to Optimal Performance.

Disk Two: Energy on Demand

Some days, caffeine and energy drinks just aren’t enough.

When do you need to be at your best, to perform at optimal levels? Mornings? Evenings? Tuesdays through Thursdays? Weekends? Summers? First quarter?

You can train your body to have the energy you need, exactly when you need it, with Energy on Demand. Using the principles that athletes use to perform at optimal levels precisely when they need to perform, this program will teach you how to have the energy you need on demand. Once you’ve trained your body to use fat as a fuel with The Basic Program, you can time that energy boost by knowing what to eat when and when to eat what.

Disk Three: Fat-Burning Plan

How would you like to lose that excess body fat from your belly? From your hips?

The Fat-Burning Plan can help you do that. Using four key concepts from nutrition and exercise, you can lose fat from where you carry most of it. No gimmicks. No spot reduction. Simply applying principles of nutrition and exercise in a specific pattern that makes fat-burning simple.

While it’s simple, it’s not easy. It takes dedication and effort, but that’s what you’ve put into other weight-loss programs that just didn’t help you reach your fat-loss goals. There’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed, but if you’re willing to work at it, the Fat-Burning Plan will show you how to accomplish your fat-loss goals.

Time to get rid of that belly for good.

Audio 3-CD Set

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