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Healthy Babies:
From Conception to Breastfeeding

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Type 2 Diabetes

Whether you’re hoping to get pregnant or you have the little one in your arms, your health is critically important. You need to make sure what you eat, how you exercise, and which supplements you take are all contributing toward your health and that of your baby. And you need facts based on real science, not the latest tip from the Internet. That’s why you need this audio.

The second edition of Healthy Babies, now in both CD and MP3 format, is 30% longer than the first edition so I can cover more information on lifestyle factors that can improve the odds of having a healthy baby. The information includes:

Pre-pregnancy Lifestyle Factors

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Supplementation
  • Factors that affect fertility: periodontal disease, PCOS
  • Men and fertility


  • Nutrition through the trimesters
  • Exercise through the trimesters
  • Supplementation


  • Supplementation
  • Losing the baby weight


This audio is based on the latest research, recommendations from the medical associations, my expertise in nutrition and exercise, plus my experience with my grandson. This audio, together with guidance from your physician, can help put the odds in your favor to have a healthy baby.
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